First Official Snowfall of 2007 for Rehoboth

December 5, 2007 Rehoboth Beach Snowfall

This morning I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather. It got pretty cold last night and I’d left the window cracked a little more than usual. Even under my down comforter I was still a bit chilly. I looked out the window to see snow falling and sprung out of bed with excitement. This is the first official snowfall here in Rehoboth and based on the fact that it’s this early in the year something tells me it’s going to be a gorgeous snow-filled winter. At least I hope that’s the case. Karen absolutely hates the snow, as well as the cold, so naturally the second she saw the snow her entire day went to hell. She purposely moved to a beach town so that she could enjoy the warmer weather year round, unfortunately she didn’t go far enough south to really get away from the cold weather.

Anyhow, the snow has coated the cars pretty well. I think total accumulation is only going to be in the 1-inch to 2-inch range. Down here, however, that means complete and total chaos because no one really knows how to DRIVE in the snow. It won’t last long though, nothing is sticking to the roads it’s all on the grass and the cars at this point. We don’t see it sticking to the road anytime soon either. With all of the salt in the air, thanks to the ocean, nothing really lasts for long. We’d need a snow storm of more than six inches to make anything really last for more than a few hours on the ground down here. I’m confident that everything will be melted by this evening, but maybe we’ll get lucky and the snow will last until tomorrow morning when the sun comes back up.

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