Even more Holiday Gift Ideas!

There are a lot of sites out there where you can get very cool gifts for just about everyone, without having to spend a lot of money. While I’m an avid shopper at ABC Distributing, there are numerous other sites on the Web that house products of the same quality.

Take Harriet Carter for example, I’m sure you’ve heard of them before – They’re open to just about anyone while ABC Distributing is limited to those whom work for or own a business. So if you’re unable to use a business name then lets step into the wonderful world of Harriet Carter, shall we?

Now, my mother is a pretty big fan of Betty Boop, so much so that she has her tattooed on her leg. My fiances aunt is also a pretty big fan as well, so when I came across this product, I was instantly interested in purchasing it.

Harriet Carter - Betty Boop Cell HolderThis is the Betty Boop Cellphone Holder. This attractive little number is only about $20 and it can hold almost any phone. I don’t see it supporting a black berry but that’s based on how bulky they are. I know that the phones they use are on the smaller side so I’m confident their phones would fit into this product without any major issues at all. As you can see it’s a sturdy item that takes up hardly any room at all. It could be placed in the area where you charge your cellphone, making it easy to find the phone if you’re someone who has trouble remembering where you’ve put things. It’s also attractive, so why not utilize it to the best of your abilities?

Harriet Carter - Betty Boop TeeAnother product that you could find interesting is the Betty Boop Sleeper Tee, it naturally houses the term “In Your Dreams” and is in an adorable pink shade that any women could adore. It’s size range is Small to Extra Large and it’s only $12.98, which certainly won’t break the bank.  It’s attractive and spunky but I’m not sure I would recommend it on those cold winter nights.  The material is a little bit on the light side but if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a nice warm down blanket, or even your significant other to keep you toasty at night, this would be a great addition to your sleepware.  Throw out all of the ratty old tshirts you stole from your boyfriend, get some that are designed specifically with you in mind.


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