Do you believe in Tarot?

Tarot CardsWhile I was floating around the New Age section of Barnes & Noble the other day, I found myself staring at a box containing tarot cards and a how-took book on how to properly use them. Being as it was only $5 and I was interested in Tarot for quite some time, I figured I’d pick them up. They’ve basically sat on the shelf until I was able to really sit down and learn some things. I read through the manual to understand what the proper steps were in giving myself a reading. After clearing my mind and focusing on one question I shuffled the deck for 15 seconds, cut the deck in four ways going from left to right and turned the top cards over. Over the course of the last few days every reading, even though my questions have had nothing to do with it, has told me something financial that I need to keep track of.

One reading told me to update my resume and apply for that job I’ve been looking to get. Another told me to cut back on spending because my “dream” is closer than it appears. When everything adds up to my actual life at the moment it’s basically telling me that a design job in the local area is a complete possibility AND the effort I’ve been putting into looking for my own place may come from this job.

I’m not sure if this is actually the truth but believing in some kind of higher power is just a way of life for many people. Whether it be Gods or Spirits – somethings out there.


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