Catch a Rodeo

My aunt is currently down in Texas because she’s doing some training with Verizon. When she’s not in office, she’s enjoying the sights that the state has to offer. She went online in search for things to do in the Huston area and picked up Houston Rodeo Tickets. I’m not exactly sure when exactly she’s going but she’s certainly looking forward to it. I’ve watched Rodeo’s on television a few times and I was always interested in them. I’ve always been interested in ‘farm’ related animals. Bulls, Horses and even Pigs, I’ve always found them to be pretty cute.   Now that I’m living in Delaware, I see nothing but farm life almost all of the time, or at least when I leave “city limits” as most would call it in the area I’m living in.

There’s an exceptional amount of sportsmanship involved with Rodeo’s, the control that men need to have when they’re trying to stay on the bull.  I can only imagine how much work there is behind controlling a bucking horse.  And rounding up cattle has always seemed to be the most interesting to me.  They aren’t actually hurting the animals, but if I tried to swing a rope around to catch something – I’d more than likely get myself tangled up.  A lot of work is involved in a rodeo, I just hope to get to see it in person one day.  Maybe when hubby and I travel the US.


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