Authorized Microsoft Reseller with Academic Discounts

NAI’ve been an avid Windows user for many years. I was given my first personal computer a little over 15 years ago and before that I was using the family computer which ran on a very slow Windows 3.1 system. When XP finally came out, I was already locked into the simplicity of Windows and everything it has to offer. With a new computer system came new programs to experiment with. I was running on XP Pro on a 120GB hard drive with 1.5GB of RAM, the speed behind my system was nothing short of amazing, so naturally I wanted to take on new and interesting things. In High School I was lucky enough to be introduced to Microsoft Office, to this day I give loads of credit to my computer teacher in regards to helping me get a grasp on everything. I still use Microsoft Office Suite, and honestly couldn’t see myself using anything else.

CostCaptain.comIt’s important for students of all ages to learn how to use a computer. Almost every job out there requires some kind of a computer, even if you’re only planning on working in retail. Cash Registers are now changing over to small IBM systems and not knowing how to use a computer could seriously effect any future employment opportunities. If you’ve never used any Microsoft Office based program before, have your teacher head over to He/She is then given the opportunity to purchase Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts. Microsoft Office 2007 starts at $129, and even Windows Vista can be purchased for $89. They offer friendly customer service and buyers only have to provide academic eligibility when ordering, once that’s process the product is shipped. They even have gift certificates available, they’re a great thing to have during the holiday season.


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