You’re kidding me, right?

Last night Sean and I went over to the tree lighting downtown.  Driving down the main strip you’re greeted with gorgeous lights wrapped around the poles, and even the mechanical reindeer that many people have on their lawns during the Christmas season.  All of the store fronts are filled with lights and over crowded with people looking to see the tree from every possible location on the street surrounding the tree.  Then you hear the countdown and turn your head as quickly as possible expecting to see something spectacular, you then realize it wasn’t worth the trip.

Now, I don’t want to sound stereotypical or anything but I live in a very “hip” beach town.  More than 50% of the population is homosexual, of that 50% it’s more male than female.  Now, the fashion sense in these residence can blow anyones mind.  Sometimes I feel like I’m walking through San Francisco in CA and not Rehoboth in DE, but that’s besides the point.  The streets are done up nicely, all of the bars and storefronts are done up nicely, even the benches are trimmed for the holiday season.  So why in gods name is the main attraction the WORST thing on the block?  It’s about a 40-foot tree, I believe.  It’s not like we’re watching the Rockefeller Center lighting or anything but you would at least thing that the lights would be wrapped around the tree – and not just dropped down from the top and strung along as though it looks good.  You’re supposed to wrap lights around a tree, you’re not supposed to have straight lines on just one side unless you’re completely LAZY.

It upset my Christmas spirit.


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