Waiting too patiently

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from Sean’s brother.  We’ve gone ahead and sent him a letter under the assumption that he managed to misplace or damage his cell phone, something he’s known to do.  We’re just itching to get out of here so every second of not knowing what’s going on is starting to drive us insane.  The office has been cleaned up a little bit so at least it’s livable.  Sean found someone online who’s interested in taking a few computer items off our hands.  We’re getting rid of the 19″ CRT that I got with my original desktop, he’s also got a Mac that’s been scrapped for parts but has a working monitor so maybe this guy would have more use for it than we would.  I kind of wish that Sean could have just put everything back together so that I could have had the Mac but that’s ok, I’ll get my iMac soon enough in the near future.  Maybe it’ll be a Valentines day gift to myself this year – heh.


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