For years I’ve gone through every weblog program known to man. I started off on blogger.com with the FTP support, then I graduated to Greymatter when it was the “cool thing to do”. I then moved to B2 which was my first taste of PHP based blogging. From there I played around with Movable Type but found it to be too much of a hassle to really get it to do what I needed it to. I dabbled in CuteNews for smaller sites, quickly upgrading to AcidBlog – a script I wrote quite some time ago. I’ve also gone through quite a few other PHP scripts, mainly ones found on sites like Condango and other PHP related resources.

I’ve finally settled upon WordPress though, I honestly don’t see myself changing over to anything else. It’s rare when you can run multiple blog installations on a single MySQL database and it doesn’t interfere with anything. It’s nice when you can quickly log in and post an entry without having to alter things on the template because thousands of plugins available to you for WordPress are now doing the work for you. And for those of you that like the “page builder” kind of a template, the ajax based sidebar options in the control panel really help you to organize everything. Even if you know nothing about designing your own template there are THOUSANDS of free ones available to meet your design requirements. It’s even great for content management. It’s one of those rare all-in-one programs that really has proven itself time and time again.

I know I’ve recommended this particular program in the past, and no I’m not being paid to push WordPress. It’s just a solid program that I highly recommend to anyone I come across. Even someone wanting something SIMPLE where they just login and type something out. This is the best route to take.


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