What are your plans?

Thanksgiving is around the corner, Sean and I are going to spend a quiet evening at home with a Turkey, all the fixings and of course Bella waiting patiently under the table for scraps of food to fall.  I’m still behind on getting things accomplished due to a lack of a computer these days.  We’re in the process of packing up the house so we can bomb and my only computer as of right now is the desktop, so that’s why I’m sitting on Sean’s right now.  My laptop is on the verge of death, the battery is dying on me and the wireless doesn’t wish to work for me.  The desktop is completely packed up so there’s only one option for getting anything done and that’s waiting very patiently until Sean goes to bed so I can hop online and get some kind of work done.

I do have things waiting for me, I just don’t really have the time or the resources to accomplish anything.  I hate that it’s come down to that but I’m slowly stepping away from things these days, in more than one aspect of my life, and the computer really doesn’t mean much to me anymore, not that it meant much to begin with other than a paycheck at least.

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