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I’ve been poking around a new site in dedication to top usa online casinos.  It’s a pretty basic looking site when you first load it but it’s pretty in depth once you start poking around the different sections.  I looked into Rushmore Casino first because it’s at the top of the list with a 9.8% rating.  I assume it’s a 1-10% rating on the sites involved.  You get a full break down of everything from the overall rating to software rating, trust factor and even bonus and promotions.  There is also a quick review of the casino by the site owner of, giving you even more of a break down of what you can expect before you even travel to the online casino of interest.  I’ve floated around quite a few casino based websites in the past but this is because of my love of winning money every time I head out to a real casino.  I always do very well on video poker, not quite sure why either. It’s harder to win at video poker than it is at an actual casino but I’ve still made some money here and there anyway.

While the initial design of the site is fairly decent, when you get further into the reviews you wonder if the designer could have added more padding to the content areas.  Everything is kind of mushed together, but all in all it’s not that bad looking – it’s just my personal design taste coming out.  When you’re paid quite well to design others websites, you start to think of all of the changes you’d make to the sites done by others, constructive criticism so to speak – I don’t know.


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