Take me to the Beach…

For the past month or so I’ve noticed that I’m in somewhat of a funk.  Life is good right now so it’s not really an emotional funk, I’m just having trouble brainstorming ideas for new clients, as well as current personal projects.  Up until the launch of the summer season down here, Sean and I spent quite a bit of time at the beach.  I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about the way the waves hit the shore that spark my inspiration to astronomical levels.  Now, going almost every evening did have a wonderful effect on me but when you don’t go for three months you’ve lost your ability to regain that inspiration you once bottled up inside for the rainy day.  Right now I’m to the point of being completely drained.  I can literally stare at Photoshop for three hours and not come up with a damn thing.  I can’t even find anything online anymore because everyone has the same thing going on with their blogs.  Businesses are no better considering they all find a template on templatemonster or another site like that so they basically all look the same.  I want to come across something unique, I’ve even reverted to looking through scrapbooks to see templates that I’ve done with paper in the past in hopes to recreate them in Photoshop, but even that isn’t working out very well for me.

The remnants of tropical storm Noel are heading this way, by 2am there are going to be gusts of wind reaching the 60 MPH range and that just makes me wonder what kind of an effect that will have on the shore.  I quietly asked Sean if we could head down to the beach tonight so we can get back into the swing of things but he’s so bogged down with work that he has no idea if that’s even going to happen.  His boss sent him a major “To Do” list and he has to complete it tonight, I’m unsure of how in-depth this list is, it could just be quick corrections and he’ll have them done within the hour.

Either way it’d be nice to get out of here just to relax on the cold benches down at the shore right now.  I know it’s cold and extremely windy but I can fight through that with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate from 7-11 and just sit back and listen for a while.  And there’s something about the beach that strengthens our relationship as well.  Sure, we talk all day long but there’s always a boost of energy when we’re down at the beach that surprises us to this day.  We can get through all of our problems, talk things out and the only outside influence is nature.  It’s strange, but I don’t think we’d have it any other way.

With the upcoming move to Ohio there is a lot of unsettled emotions between the two of us.  It’s not anything in particular but we’ve equally been on edge about things.  The frustration of just wanting to get up and go, on top of not knowing if the person we’re trying to get a hold of is even OK at this point in time, let alone HOME for that matter.  I’m sure we’ll work through it all eventually, but things were moving along very nicely for quite some time and now they’re at a standstill, so much so that I can’t even get any work done because my concentration levels are non existent.

This sucks.


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