Setting some money aside for Christmas.

I have to say that I’m unhappy with the fact that Christmas makes itself known in July, by this time people are usually done paying off the gifts from the last holiday season and they’re already reminded of the ones they’re going to have to purchase over the next six months. I think it’s absurd but when it comes to the world of making money off just about everything, I can see why businesses do this. With Halloween being over with, almost as quickly as it came, I know now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. After that is the wonderful world of Christmas and I’m stuck as to where I’m even going to go with things. It was great having a large family when I was younger and glorious presents just seemed to fall into my lap. As you get older, the whimsical experience just seems to fade. You’re now spending the money and getting very little in return, only because family members are also shopping for 20+ people for the holiday season. Naturally the kids are given more than the adults but with how well things are going this year, naturally I’m not going to stiff anyone out on things either.

I’m unsure of whether or not I’m going to even make it up to New York this year to enjoy Christmas the way I have in the past. I know that my father is working on Christmas but when the money is just that good and your daughters aren’t really around – what’s the point in staying home? I may wind up sending cards to everyone, I don’t see actual gifts as something of importance considering I rarely see these people throughout the year, but they’re still family so discounted online stores where I can load up on the coupons is really the only option.

I figure I’ll float around sites like Harriet Carter and ABC Distributing to pick up these items. They’re fairly inexpensive, but at the same time have some really nice products that do actually last quite a bit of time. I figure I could get my mothers side of the family taken care of for under $150 which won’t be easy considering I’m shopping for about 15 people. With my fathers side it’s just my aunt and my uncle so that’ll be an easier shopping trip, I may wind up going straight to the store for that though, at this point I’m unsure.



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