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For quite some time now I’ve been looking to go back to school and there are numerous options out there that have kept me interested but thanks to a few outside resources I was able to find out that the bulk of the schools I had in mind were nothing more than diploma scams and there isn’t one job in the US that will actually accept a degree from any of these colleges.

So I went back to the drawing board and I’ve come up with a few schools that I’m looking for an opinion on. There’s a lot of writing involved so I’ll narrow it down to the one that seems to offer the most for your dollar. Have you ever heard of capella university? Based on what I’ve read about it, it was founded in 1993 and over 20,000 students currently attend this school. It’s an online university that offers graduate online degree programs as well as bachelor’s degree programs as well. I’m looking to extend my associates and pick up a bachelors in internet technology but I’ve been having some trouble finding anything even remotely close to what I’m looking to do.

If you know anything about capella, could you give me a little 411? I’m lost.


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