Not worth the money…

I sat down last night and read “If I Did It”, the book that has had people buzzing around the Internet.  I found it to be very difficult to read, based heavily on the fact that so many details that weren’t made public where actually in this book.  A dear friend of mine is a clairvoyant, and he touched the book and instantly felt sick to his stomach.  OJ did the crime, the fact that he was able to get away with it shocked the nation, and this book very obviously shows his guilt.  I’m going to side with the family, but I don’t appreciate how they’re taking it either.  They went on OPRAH just so they could get this book noticed, she isn’t even promoting the book but since it was mentioned on her show, sales went through the roof.  I think it’s absurd that one could go out of their way to be paid to write this book and not even compensate the family (something he was court ordered to do).  Now they’re only getting like eleven cents per sale or something like that.  It really is NO money at all.  So either way they’re getting screwed.

I could continue on this rant but I see myself going on for hours about it, so I’ll just say that I do NOT recommend this book to anyone.  I do not recommend even purchasing it if you’re really that interested, hope it’s in a local library and then reserve your rental copy there.  Spending the $20 that I mistakenly spent was a complete waste of money.

Thank god for keeping receipts, I wonder if I could even get my money back on this.


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