Not half bad…

PPPI’m not really an extreme shopper, even if I had a few million in the bank I’d continue to enjoy the wonderful world of Walmart and other fine discount stores. Why? Because there’s no real reason to spend money on things that you’ll rarely use. I don’t see the point in someone spending $150 on a pair of sneakers that are just going to get dirty anyway, but hey that’s my Payless Shoe Source mentality talking here. I’m also speaking in regards to personal usage, when it comes to the business world this is a completely different story.

Those who work in any profession when they’re on their feet all day, or just walking through slippery areas depending on how the non-carpeted halls are in your facility, investing in a proper pair of shoes is obviously the right route to take. Take nurses for example, you’ll never see them wearing $10 clogs from Payless because they offer no kind of support and are even worse as far as traction is concerned. So there are companies out there like that offer product lines such as Dansko in a fairly affordable price range for shoes that not only are comfortable but somewhat attractive depending on what you’re partnering them up with. For me personally a pair of black clogs with a set of scrubs is something that only a nurse can pull off.


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