Morpheus Photo-Morpher

Morpheus Photo-MorpherPPPA few months ago I spoke of a program named Morpheus Photo-Morpher. While I don’t spend a lot of time morphing images together, I do enjoy playing around with the program whenever Sean and I take new pictures together. While we’ve only been together for a little over a year now, we know that in some way we were meant to be together, so it’s only natural that I keep some kind of a scrapbook for whenever we do things together. I have quite a few pictures of us from the beginning of the relationship until now and when you play with the points setup the way that Morpheus allows you to, it really does blow my mind with how cool the final products are.

It’s a pretty simple program to use, and doesn’t cost that much. But you load a few images into the template, setup a series of points on the images where you wish for them to morph and then kind of just go from there. It’s great for anyone looking to throw in some extra pizazz to an existing online photo album. There are a lot of sites out there where you can morph things around for free and place them up on your Myspace account, but you don’t get to morph the photos themselves, it’s more like filter screens that connect one photo to the next – no real “work” involved other than uploading and copying and pasting the final URL result to your profile. I like not having to deal with outsiders filters as well, that’s something I enjoy with this program. I can morph images together and then I don’t need to have the copyright information for an outside company that sucks because I didn’t get everything I was personally looking for when working on the image.

I’m not one to share personal photos, but if you didn’t already notice I attached a replica of what you can do with this program. You have two images here, a puppy and a cute little girl. You setup the series of points on the puppy where you’d like them to morph, and then by the time the image has completed the morph it looks as though the puppy has magically turned into the girl – it’s a pretty cool program.


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