Looking for a Camcorder

While it seems to be nothing more than an unnecessary splurge, Sean has been looking into purchasing a camcorder.  He likes to video tape things, I honestly don’t see the point but I also don’t understand men and their toys either.  I know that he’d like to video tape the road trips we’re going to be taking in the future, he’s also interested in video taping the process of renovating the new house, and just the quirky things that him and his brother tend to do together.  It’s not like this will be plastered around YouTube or anything, it’s just for us to keep in our own personal digital archive.

We’re just unsure of what route to take, he wants a DVD recorder and those aren’t cheap but I don’t want to pull out one of those big bulky VHS ones that no one ever uses anymore either.  I’m sure that I’d like to go with a company that I know of, such as Panasonic, but I’m really unsure as to which one I’d truly be interested in purchasing.  We’ve set a budget of $250 because there’s no point in spending anymore than that.  I’m not doing any eBay purchases, I never do when it comes to electronics, so any input would be greatly appreciated here.

What kind of camcorder do you own?
How much did you spend on it?
Would you recommend it to others?
Does it require any outside memory cards?

And anything else you’d like to throw in about it.


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