Increase Your Traffic

Recently, Google updated their Algorithm for page ranks. I used to be PR5 but now I’m bouncing between a PR3 and a PR4 thanks to their updates. I’m not the only one this update has effected though, thousands of websites on the Internet have dropped in rank. Even MySpace and they were once the number one site on the internet with a PR9. Now they’re only a 7 – this is with millions of hits a day and lord knows how many back links. This is another way that Google has screwed me out of something over the years. I used to be involved with their AdSense program but someone (later admitting to being malicious) went on a clicking spree and the $500 Google owed me magically disappeared.

So now I’m on a mission to gain more website traffic so I can bring my ranks back up. I know that the hits I have will still be consistent but it would be nice to have the statistics to show for it. I know that I don’t return comments as often as I used to but when you’re trying to maintain a design business, a hosting business, five weblogs, and a house hold – it’s not easy to sit down and return comments to the spammers that frequent my sites. I always return the comments to those who had a genuine response, typically as soon as I receive the comment (whether it be immediately after it’s posted or the following morning when I check my email).

There are numerous websites on the Internet where you can find the resources you need to bring in more website traffic. Unfortunately, not many people know what to look for when working on something like this. Getting yourself linked on the right sites could mean more hits than your bandwidth could potentially handle.  Use the resources you come across, they’ll be worth it in the end – trust me.


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