How drunk do you have to be?

When you live in New York your entire life, moving to the country life of Delaware truly is a bit of shell shock to anyone.  While I moved down here for personal reasons, my heart is still in New York on many occasions.  So in wanting to get in touch with the local yokels and figure out just how they think, I realized that not being an alcoholic doesn’t benefit me down here.  They’ve invented something called Punkin Chunkin, they hold it every year and it’s my proof that you need to be completely snot faced in order to appreciate it.  Sure, the kiddies can come out and watch pumpkins being catapulted into the air but at the same time you spend $35 to get into this place and basically hang out all day watching pumpkins being thrown with musical guests preforming in the background.  A few of the pictures caught my eye, mainly the ones with rather drunk men wearing hard hats.  This could benefit them in two ways though, not only will they not hurt themselves when they fall down but they don’t have to worry about a pumpkin backfiring either.

Oh the joys of country life.

My next stop on this journey will be to Ohio where the big weekly thing in the complex we’re moving into is going to be the bonfires where you can throw in anything you want to get rid of in a controlled environment.  I’m unsure about this though, how much control can 20 drunk rednecks have around an open flame?


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