Home is where the fleas are?

On Saturday we packed up a few suitcases as well as the dogs and headed to a hotel in the area.  Karen and I dropped a bomb in the house and Sean couldn’t be around for it because the dust in the air would be enough to kill him with how bad his asthma is.  Now, I’d personally prefer to just drop a fogger from Walmart and call it a day but she (who reads too much into EVERYTHING) is convinced that the fogger would either kill the dogs or not kill the fleas and a whole other mess of misinformation that she picked up from one of her Google searches.  So she picked up this product called “Flea Busters” and we spent a good 2 1/2 days getting the house back in order so that we could at least step foot into the door and not itch like crazy.

Saturday night we started bombing but didn’t finish until about 11pm.  On Sunday night we came back here at about 10pm so we could start the laundry and begin vacuuming things up.  I did the vacuuming, she did the washing.  Even now we’re still moving clothes around and figuring out where to put them until we can finish bombing the final areas in the house (closets mainly).

On Monday she checked out of her room early so she could get to work, a little while later hubby and I checked out of our room and picked up some breakfast then came back here.  Within about a minute of walking into the house Sean had a HORRIBLE attack and needed to be hospitalized.  As of right now he’s doing OK, he’s been sleeping it off and was given some medication for any future issues.  Hopefully there aren’t any.


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