Ecommerce on the rise?

PPPI’m not sure why I’m still sitting here at 11pm but I’m sure my addiction to completing deadlines early has a lot to do with it. While waiting on a response from a client I’ve found myself floating through quite a few job posting sites such in search for a few new jobs to pick up before we actually make the move out to Ohio, this way there’s work waiting for me and it’ll help get that loan paid back much sooner than expected. I’ve noticed a rise in business leads looking for a designer for their new online store. They list their requirements on many aspects of it and they’re so in depth that you wonder why they’re incapable of finding affordable ecommerce hosting and just setting things up for themselves. I don’t quite see how it’s hard to find business hosting on the Internet if you can find yourself on a not-so-well-known freelance site looking for a designer. That’s just my take on it though.

A few listings did make sense to me though, mainly because they admitted that they knew how to use an ecommerce based software, they were just unware of how to go about designing for certain ecommerce programs. That’s something I can understand, but for those who can go to the extreme of giving you a PSD and then telling you it’s already marked up for the site, they just need someone to load it into the template boxes, you wonder what you’re actually being paid for? I’m sorry but I’ve never once taken any form of compensation other than a “Thank You” if I was just copying and pasting something for someone. However, that someone wasn’t giving me a step by step break down of how to go about using the software either. It’s kind of odd.

Anyway, I have noticed a rise in people running their own personal online stores. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that eBay just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore. Sure, selling things here and there to a large market is always a great thing but when you’re limited to as how much customization you can really do with your products, then why not start up your own website to help your Internet business.

A site that’s sticking out for me at the moment is, they offer small business hosting with a focus on cheap ecommerce hosting. I can say that with as many home-based stores that are around these days, a company like this may do very well in this particular field. Best of luck to them.


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