I know I haven’t been around much but there’s a lot going on with family as well as the living situation right now, so it’s certainly taking it’s toll on me.

I’m still in search of a home for hubby and I.  We got the unfortunate news that the complex we were looking to move into is currently between owners and no one really knows what the outcome will be when the new owners finally do get their hands on the grounds there.  So we’re back to looking in Delaware, we’re not overly happy about it but there’s obviously a reason as to why we’re staying in this state, hopefully we’ll figure it out.

So I did keep the loan but we’re banking on it to give us even more money to put towards a down payment in the general area.  Come January I’ll have a job out of the house, I’ll still do the design work and posting and what not I just need medical benefits so I’m pumping up my resume and sending it around to a few offices in the area.  I know my way around a computer, anyone can work a phone so maybe something secretarial will do just fine for me.  There are a few design companies in the area, I’ve just seen some of the work they do and am afraid to step foot in their office, I’d probably wind up reorganizing them, or just teaching them a thing or two about what real websites look like.  They’re playing up on the fact that their clients are idiots and completely exploiting it with the most ridiculous looking websites in the free world.  How anyone can sleep at night after doing something like that, is completely beyond me.


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