Working up to finally Quitting.

I’ve been a heavy smoker for the last 10 years or so. I know that seems hard to believe considering I’m only 23, but at the same time – I had some pretty crappy teen years and that was my only way of really calming down. While in search of a few things for the new house, I was floating around Harriet Carter and happened to come across a few things to help me for when I’m looking to quit smoking. The first is called Healthy Smoker, it’s a book that teaches you how to get healthy so you can successfully quit smoking. Another is called Nic-Out™, it’s filters that go on the cigarette and remove about 95% of the tar and nicotine in cigarettes.

Now, I’ve downgraded quite a bit over the years. I started off on Newport because that’s all that was really available to me in my group of friends, I then quickly got sick of the Menthol so I changed over to Marlboro Reds. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of changing where I downgraded to Marlboro Light 100’s. Now I’ve got myself on Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s, eventually when I’m looking to really cut down I’ll be on the Ultra Light regulars. I figure I’ll add the Nic-Out to it and then cut down on the Nicotine even more, you can use them for 5-10 cigarettes, but there are about 30 in a box. So figure 2 of the caps per box, so they’ll last me for about 15 packs in total. By then, I’ll hopefully be off them completely. However, two boxes are only $15 so I may wind up picking up a few packages of them, just to get me through. I also found the Smokeless Ashtray. You can control the direction that the smoke coming out of your mouth is going in, but the smoke coming off of the cigarette itself can be kind of hard to control, so having an ashtray that filters the air will also help out around the house for me. I don’t smoke indoors anyway, but if I ever did – I know that there won’t be as much smoke in the air as there would be without this thing.

With everything, I’m also going to invest in an Ionic Breeze kind of a system, this way there isn’t a stuffy feeling in the house when the windows are closed during the summer months. And it’ll help with Sean’s allergies as well considering it cleans the air year round and cuts down on allergens.


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