Window Treatments

We know from the get-go that the office is going to be kind of small so we’re taking a chance and going to knock the wall out completely.  This will then connect the office to the living room and should hopefully give us more space to move around, this way we aren’t sitting there feeling claustrophobic.  The problem with taking this wall out is the lack of privacy that either one of us would have while in the office, so while it will be opened up for quite some time, I have the bright idea of a hospital room sitting in my head.  I figure we can install tracks along the ceiling to hang simple curtains from and then we can keep it all nice and closed off when we want to hide the room from company or something.

That’s just one set of curtains though, there are also going to be some nice ones on the windows as well.  I’ve been looking into a lot of the heat sensitive ones.  The ones that block out the heat in the summer but keep it in the house during the winter.  This to me is important in regards to the energy bills.  If we have the ability to keep the house cooler in the summer without having to run the AC for 24 hours a day, and warmer in the winter where the furnace isn’t being overused all winter long should really cut down on the bills.

I’ve been looking into blinds as well, there aren’t a lot of windows in this place but the ones that are there are HUGE so having some kind of privacy wouldn’t be such a bad deal.  I don’t like the old plastic slats one though, I’d like to have the cloth ones that kind of scroll up in one solid sheet.  I’ve also found the ones that load in reverse to be pretty cool.  You can still have the privacy you want but the top of the shades can be opened up so you can still get the extra light in there.

Lots of planning and very little time.


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  1. it is advisable to instal only cordless window treatments in homes where small children are present _

  2. window treatment materials these days have increased in price, i wish they have a price drop next year ‘~:

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