Who Knows?

I spent some time relaxing tonight because I know that the next few weeks are going to be really hectic for both Sean and I.  Tomorrow we’re hopping in the car with the dog and heading up to New York.  We probably won’t get there until about 6:30-7PM depending on what time we leave here.  Sunday is going to be a fairly easy day but I’m sure I’ll be visiting family and what not anyway.  I know I’d like to see my aunt, I haven’t spoken to her very much since Christmas, we’re close so that bothers me.  I could have called her but she leads a pretty busy life and that’s the reason why I chose not to bother her.

On Monday my father and I are heading to the bank and collecting the loan.  My current bank account in NY has been closed and reopening a new one isn’t really a good idea because I’d have to wait a while for the debit card to show up and there really is no time for that.  So we’re going to cash the check directly at the bank and I’ll keep a keen eye on my purse over the course of the next few days, especially considering I don’t trust anyone.  On Monday evening I’m going out to dinner with my father, sister, aunt, uncle, and Sean – I’m itching to get to Bertucci’s but we’ll have to see how busy things are.

On Tuesday I’m going to head down to my grandmothers store because not only am I in dire need of a hair cut, there’s family to see too.  There’s this new ass hole renting a chair in my grandmothers salon who’s really been pushing the wrong buttons so I’d love to run into him and really give him a what for.  He’s so far up his own butt he’s licking his tonsils from the inside-out at this point.  He only does color, even though he’s capable of cutting hair and blowing it out.  His clients pay him like $160 to get their hair colored and they’re leaving the store with a wet head because he’s too good to hold a hair dryer.  He sniffs coke, and lord knows what else.  Now, what I found out about him (minus the coke) was the fact that he thinks everyone else should be doing HIS work.  He refuses to sweep, he won’t clean up hair products and is now trying to get my grandmother to hire an assistant for him.  Dude, you’re renting the chair – get over yourself!  If you’re really that damn successful you can run your OWN salon and quit mooching off everyone else.  But hey, that’s just my take on it.  I found out that my grandmother had to clean up his station after he LEFT A CLIENT IN THE CHAIR WITH HAIR DYE ON HER HAIR FOR OVER AN HOUR because he was too freaking busy getting stoned and passing out in the car.  This poor women wanted a very muted red on her head and it turned out more like a fire engine/ruby red.  He also insists that my sister, a cashier for the supply store – not the salon – should be his shampoo girl.  It’s freaking absurd.

There are very few people in the world that I feel deserve the bad things should happen to – he’s no exception to this.


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