US National Telecom (YIWA)

PPP There are numerous companies on the Internet that not many people know about, ones that could potentially blow the competition out of the water but because of them either being new, or just not well advertised, you don’t hear much about them other than word of mouth. A company that I found tonight, US National Telecom (YIWA). Based on what I’ve read, this company works in the rapidly growing field of VoIP. While they aren’t an actual VoIP company themselves, they work with the numerous companies in this field. They provide services and products to carriers, resellers and small businesses through their partner companies including companies they’ve purchased and/or taken ownership positions of. They provide you with Telephone Numbers, Call Termination and Origination, Tollfree Numbers, vFaxNet and E911 Emergency Calling services in the US and Canada. There are numerous possibilities to VoIP, many people don’t realize this but getting yourself involved with a company that knows what they’re doing – you’re looking at some pretty good times, on top of affordable prices.


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