The beauty of WordPress

I’ve had a blog for a little over nine years now, so I can honestly say that I’ve tried almost every blog program and website out there. I started off with a account that I then linked to my very first domain name. From there I went to LiveJournal to house a more personal blog and since then I’ve bounced around from program to program on my domains. Greymatter, B2, Movable Type, Express Engine, and now WordPress. I can also state that I don’t ever plan on using anything else but WordPress for the life of my blog. A solid program that’s very easy to use isn’t worth giving up. It powers this site, minus the content pages. But it can be used as a full content management program.

For those interested in using the program, there are a few options. You can either sign up to for a free account where you can host your blog on a sub-domain, or you can upgrade yourself your own domain by purchasing WordPress Web Hosting through It’s a standard hosting company where packages start at $36 a year (£17.95). It’s a UK based web hosting company. With the most basic plan you’re given 200mb of disk space and 2GB of bandwidth. The only downside, for me personally, is you’re given 1MySQL database. However, the beauty part of WordPress is you can install multiple instances on a single database. So while you’re only permitted to have a single database, you can have as many installations as your MySQL disk space permits


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