Sean has officially surprised me.  In preparation for the move he’s starting to go through all of his things and junking the stuff that isn’t coming with us.  There are a lot of containers in the office that are filled with computer parts that he’s scrapped from computers he’s owned or have come across over the years.  There are components in there that aren’t even usable anymore, he’s just hording them.  There are 56K modems and old graphics cards that probably aren’t even compatible with the mother boards that are coming out now.  It may only be a start but there is a lot more for him to go through anyway.

We’ve got a few boxes in the house that are already being used for books and other items.  I didn’t move in here with much but I may downgrade again.  I have a shelf in the office for all of my books and my computer as well.  There’s also my closet in the bedroom that’s filled with clothes and bags and what not.  My packing is going to be very easy, he’s more of the pack-rat kind of a person so I think it’ll take longer for him to go through his stuff which is why we intend to take about a week before we actually get out of here.

It’s our goal to get back to DE by the 28th (at the latest).  His brother will have the time to spend with his daughter for Halloween and that following weekend he’s going to drive out here with the box truck, we’ll officially pack everything onto it and then 8 hours later we’ll be in our own home unpacking.

This isn’t going to be easy.


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