Supernatural Activity

I’m waiting patiently for 9pm to roll around. Tonight marks the new season of one of my favorite shows on Television. It’s the only one that I’ll go out of my way to sit down for every week until the season is over. It’s “Lisa Williams – Life among the dead” it’s on Lifetime and it’s followed by a new show “America’s Psychic Challenge”. It’s just a whole evening of supernatural activity and I truly can’t wait for it. On Halloween another one of my favorite shows comes back “Ghost Hunters” on SciFi. I’ve always been interested in the supernatural world, it would be cool if I could actually tap into it the way that psychics can but for now I’m content with knowing that when loved ones have passed and I’m feeling down, they give me random signs to let me know they’re floating around me. A gust of wind, a shooting star, they’re still here and just because I can’t physically see or hear them, that doesn’t mean I don’t know they’re here.


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