Still Shopping

PPPI’ve been doing a bit of shopping-preparation lately. I know that in order to get everything I need for the new house, I’m going to have to do a lot of bargain shopping so I don’t blow through my $2,000 budget without getting everything I need. I know for sure that the kitchen is probably going to need a little bit of upgrading, we’re looking into living room furniture and if room allows, we’re looking into a head board / foot board for the bed. Right now we’ve just got the frame pushed up against the wall and that’s acting as the headboard. I personally hate that so hopefully we’ll be able to find something. Or I’ll just have to play around with paint and try to come up with something visually appealing that does the trick for me.

I’ve managed to bookmark a few sites over the last couple of days because having coupon codes for when I go to purchase these items will really help me out. I’ve found a new one called Coupon Kathy, it has everything from newegg coupons to stauer coupons. Now, I don’t personally see myself buying a watch for the new house but I do know that electronics are on the top of the list. And knowing that about 30% of my “to buy” list consists of Target based products, I also made it a note to bookmark the target coupons section of the site as well.

I know I talk a lot about Coupon Codes, but I have to say that when you do a lot of shopping, it’s important to keep on top of sale prices and even discounts. It may only cut say 10% off the purchase, but a lot of the time the codes can count towards free shipping as well. I’m lucky enough to live in a state were there’s no sales tax, so when I order something online I don’t have to pay the tax but I do usually get hit with shipping. So having free shipping coupons thrown onto the order, it’s like I took the hour drive up north (where all of the stores seem to be) without actually having to leave the house at all. Nifty eh?


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