Speak English

This may strike a nerve with some, but I really could care less.  I needed to get in touch with HSBC today because I still haven’t recieved any of the paperwork that I was supposed to get this past weekend.  Going down to the post office, there isn’t anything down there for me either, so naturally making the phone call to the main branch was the only option.  A man named “Micheal” answers the phone, and hardly speaks a lick of English.  With all of the money that banks have, why in holy hell is it impossible for them to just have a place in the US (or even Canada for that matter) where employees speak English instead of them outsourcing to India?

When I had laptop issues a few weeks after I purchased it, I was booted to the outsource where it took two hours for me to decode what the women was telling me before I was sent to a higher up that was going to take down my information so I could ship my laptop back to the manufacturer and have it fixed.  It was fixed in Texas, but any phone call I attempted to make was sent over to a completely different country half way around the world.

I understand that the economy is shit and people are looking to save money by outsourcing, but when you’re borrowing money from someone in the US, you would think that you’d speak to someone from the damn US.  I don’t need people in India knowing my social security number, and I sure as hell don’t need to spend two hours on the phone to request paperwork just so I can get my damn life in order over the course of the next month.

Supposedly the letter was sent out on the 1st, it’s now the 9th.  If it isn’t here by tomorrow, I’m going to hop in the car and take a trip up to Wilmington so I can walk directly into the HSBC bank and sit down with someone who speaks freaking English just so I can get all of my paperwork and start filling things out.

It’s completely freaking absurd.


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