Show me some sun!

I’ve been dreaming about going on an exotic vacation for many years now. A few times, the option of going to the Caribbean Islands has come up. My aunt has spent quite a bit of time in Aruba, and I don’t know of a single family member (other than my sister and I) who haven’t been to the Bahamas on more than one occasion. This evening I came across I spent some time floating around the Aruba section because that’s probably the one place that’s interested me for quite some time now. With this site you can learn about many different aspects of the island of your choice. It’s broken down across multiple sites but the main site is targeted back to the information. You can go directly to the site for more in depth information, or you can float around why not go section in dedication to Aruba on the main site itself. It has pretty basic information but getting a general break down of all Islands in the Caribbean isn’t such a bad deal. It’s worth saving in bookmarks, that’s for sure. Maybe someday in the future I’ll actually be able to get down there to enjoy the Caribbean beauty first hand.


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