Search Engine Troubles

I do a lot of surfing around the Internet.  Valuable resources like Google open up a whole new world for everyone who uses them. I ‘ve been able to easily find the things that I’m looking for because someone did their job right when they did the SEO work on that specific account.  In some cases, however, I’ve had a pretty hard time being able to locate what I’m looking for.  As I noted in a previous entry, I’ve been searching around the Internet for the company I saw advertised on television the other night.  It’s bothering the heck out of me because I’m still unable to locate them, furthermore I’m unable to locate an A-Z listing of all dental insurance companies available in the US.   You’d think there would be a list like that somewhere, but I guess that’s something to hope for in the future.

I’ve done a lot of work with SEO, which is probably how I managed to get myself to a PR5 in very little time.  I’ve also done it for clients as well and they’ve had some pretty good success with it.  I don’t really have the time for design work anymore though so I’ve cut back on a lot of the things that I used to do.  I do still do what is asked of me, but it’s hard for me to go above and beyond the call of duty the way I have in the past.   So it’s time like these when I should really be paid for referral services, that’s for sure. I’ve outsourced numerous clients to different SEO companies around the Internet so they could get the service they’re looking for.  I came across a new one today though, chicago SEO consultants, based on their track record I may add them to my list of companies to send clients to when they’re looking for SEO work.


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