Safety First

While I was aimlessly flipping through channels last night, I came across HSN during their “safety” demonstration, or whatever it actually was.  They were advertising a product called the Hunter LampLighter.

How it works is:

You unscrew the light bulb out of one of your house hold lamps.  You then take this gadget and screw it into the light bulb socket.  You then screw your bulb back into this gadget and the gadget will begin to charge the three rechargeable AA batteries.  If your power happens to go out, within three seconds of the AC power switching off the LED lights in this gadget will turn on and you’ll be graced with up to 16 hours of light.  There’s a pull chain on it so that you can turn the light on and off as you please.

It also has a sensor on it, which I thought was pretty cool.  When the sun comes up, the sensor will shut off the power to the gadget to conserve on its internal energy.  Once the sun goes down, if your power is still off, it will click the LED’s back on and you’ll walk into a well-lit household without having to trip over everything when you get home from work.

It costs about $60 from HSN, I’ve been unable to locate it at another store but I’m sure there’s somewhere to get this product for a cheaper price tag.

I figure if you’ve gone out of your way to have a first aid kit and flashlights in the house, having an actual light in the house will make your home that much safer when the power goes out.  No more lighting candles that could potentially start a fire.  This unit doesn’t over heat, even during charging.  Once the batteries are fully charged it will shut off the ‘charging’ option until the unit is actually being used.


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