Ringtone Downloads

I came across a new site that offers Sprint Ringtones and ringtones for many different carriers. This includes AT&T and other major carriers. It’s pretty easy to use the site. You can choose from many different genres as well. Country, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae and Rock are the main categories shown. From there it’s broken down by Artist. I floated around the Disturbed and Nickelback categories, mainly because I’m a fan of their music. The thing I like about the site is they list how many ringtones they offer per artist, without you even having to go to the artists page.

Based on what I saw, the downloads are sent through another website and there’s a charge for the download itself, on top of whatever charge you have in regards to your phone itself. I know a lot of people can find ringtones online that can be downloaded to their PC and then transferred to their cellphone with a USB chord, I think that’s more the route that I’d personally be interested in taking but not everyone has a phone that gives you that capability so going through sites like ringtones.customaddict.com would be a benefit if you want tones on your phone that badly.

I’m content with what I currently have. But for those interested in downloading then head over and check it out.


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