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PPPFor me, technology isn’t limited to computers and Internet. Sure, everything you find these days has some kind of computerized chip in it but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to hooking something up with a small LCD monitor in order to use it. A prime example is airsoft guns. is a great Online resource for all things Air Guns. I like guns, I don’t quite know why. I’ve shot a few rifles, had my hand on a hand gun or two in the past but I’ve never actually owned one for myself. I like going to the shooting range, and I’m pretty good at hitting the targets laid out in front of me. There’s such a release that comes from shooting a gun that many people just don’t understand. All of your frustrations being balled up inside of you are more than enough to drive someone crazy but being in a controlled environment where the kick-back of any gun can drop that 200 pounds off your shoulders, you really get such a rush of energy it’s unreal.

I went poking around their site in search for a gun that I’d probably love to own. I’m not sure if I’d ever really get to the point of having a gun in my home but I’m also not living in New York anymore, in what I consider to be one of the “bad zones”, even though Long Island houses many areas that are much worse. I found the RWS Hammerli 850 AirMagnum. It’s a German quality air gun that’s loaded with features that the reviewers claim are so much fun, it’s hard to put it down. You can take this gun anywhere and not worry about scratching it up or damaging it in any way because it’s made from durable polymer, and something that most guns don’t offer is the ability to shoot with either your left or right hands (ambidextrous). It uses an 88-gram AirSource cartridge which gives you up to 200 shots before you have to change your cartridge and that for me would more than likely be a lifetime cartridge at the rate that I go out shooting heh. There are currently 7 reviews on this model, averaging a 4.5 rating. It’s worth checking out, I know I’d like to own it.

Right now there’s a 5% off coupon available on for those that have found a mistake on the site. This could be in relation to pricing not adding up properly when you add your gun or accessories to the shopping cart. Something is spelled in correctly, the wrong stats are listed about the item. Whatever is a proven documented mistake you can take 5% off. This to me is just another way of proving that they stand behind their product and that they’re an honest company that admits to their mistakes. No one is perfect, even in the Virtual world when you can create your own identity – even if it’s the complete opposite of how you are in person. I respect any company that stands behind their product, no matter what.


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