Planning for the future.

PPPHalloween is just around the corner, it’s really not going to be very eventful this year though. Based on the fact that we’ll be packing up and moving all over the course of a few days, there’s no real time to enjoy the Holiday. We may just go out to dinner and rent a movie, thankfully there aren’t any children in the complex that we’re going to need to entertain with candy so that’s an OK thing by me. I know that sounds kind of cruel but when you have two dogs that insist upon running to the door whenever the bell goes off, and one who sits in the Window all day long to see these people coming up on the porch – it’s kind of hard TO open the door on Halloween.

Once that holiday has come and gone, the next one to look forward to is Thanksgiving. Sean and I are planning on spending a quiet evening at home so that we can break in our kitchen for the holidays. He’s more of a ‘sides’ person, so I probably am only going to pick up a turkey breast and go from there. There’s no point in picking up a whole turkey to take up room in the freezer. So that will be pretty easy on us.

The next important one, for both of us, is Christmas. We already have quite a few things in mind, everything from decorations to gifts for friends and family. I know that I’ve been looking into a lot of LED Christmas lights to cut back on energy. They also don’t give off a lot of heat so I don’t have to be concerned about putting them on the tree either. I haven’t had a REAL tree in years. For the past 10 years or so I’ve had a fake pre-lit tree that’s about 6 feet tall. It was a gorgeous tree the first year but being in the attack year round, the branches just never fluffed up the way they have before. So, if ample space allows, we’ll be investing in a nice large tree and enjoying it. Well, he’ll enjoy it – I get the task of sucking up all of the needles that fall off of it…heh.


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