Philips – 32″ 720p Flat-Panel LCD-HDTV

Do any of you happen to own this particular model of Philips?  Sean and I are considering it as one of our “big buys” for the new house.  I remember when TV’s like this first came onto the market and they cost someone upwards of $2500 just for something as small as a 27″ screen.  With this TV, we’re also considering investing in this TV stand so that everything is setup on a nice sleek base that keeps everything in the house looking clean.  I don’t like the idea of having so many wires attached to everything you own but we know that things are going to be scattered around and tied off properly to avoid any major excess in slack.  It’s easier to dust that way too – something not many people even do these days heh.


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  1. TV stands using steel frames are the strongest stuff that you can use ”

  2. I buy 1 pcs. it’s very good. product

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