My Memory is Slipping

My temporary filling has been acting up on me, I’m back on antibiotics to get the swelling down and hopefully the abscess will disappear before any major damage has been done to my gums.  With the pain of my tooth getting to me, a horrible migraine showed up right above my left eye so I made it a point to lay down in bed and just relax until the aspirin kicked in.  Now, this was last  night and while the headache is gone, my tooth is still bothering me.

While I was laying down last night something was telling me to turn the television on just to flip through channels.  I wound up leaving it on Nick@Nite based on the fact that there truly was nothing else on.  Two commercials in, there was a commercial for dental insurance, they cover 100% of all regular maintenance and up to 50% of all major work (crowns, fillings, etc).  I remember telling myself the name of this company about three times before I dozed off to sleep, knowing full well that I’m interested in learning more about this company.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a computer available for me to hop right into the search for more information, and there wasn’t a notebook near me so I could write the name down.

Now, I know that the company starts with an E, I’m just having trouble figuring out exactly what the rest of it was.  I searched around online for Elegant Dental because it stood out in my mind, unfortunately that wasn’t correct.  I’m now going through as many E based words as I can think of in hopes to be able to locate something.  I’ve also been looking online for dental insurance companies in hopes to find an A-Z list that I can look through but I still haven’t been able to locate anything.

It’s driving me bananas but the actual term just won’t come to me.  Hopefully it will pop into my head at some point.  I can say that this isn’t something I’m just going to forget about, it’s going to be something that eats away at me until I figure it out – I hate moments like that.


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