Moving forward

I picked up the loan on Monday.  It was quite a birthday gift to see that many zero’s on a check with my name on it.  We drove back to DE last night and deposited the check this morning.  It should be cleared by tomorrow and hopefully by this weekend we’ll be on our way to Ohio.  By next weekend I hope that we’ll be home owners and just packing up to get out of here.

I have a lot of shopping to do once things get rolling, thankfully I have a few gift cards that I can use to get things started.  There’s a blanket I found in Target that’s about $60.  It’s an alternative down comforter, that should help Sean out quite a bit with his allergies.  After that it’s little odds and ends.  I don’t plan on going overboard, the necessities to start and then anything else we want or need can come with time.  I know for sure that when we get back here to start packing, we’ll be heading out to Walmart to start loading up on some things.  But I figure it’ll be worth it considering we’re going to have the box truck to bring everything back to the house with.  It’ll be easier, his car is kind of small to hold the boxes that I need.  Between the dinnerware, small appliances and vacuum, the car would basically be full and there is a lot of other things to buy so having them here before we go out there just makes more sense to me.


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