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For those interested in affordable hosting, one resource you may be interested in is Lunarpages. Right now they’re offering Lunarpages Coupons which can save you some money when purchasing a web hosting plan from them. I don’t personally know anyone who uses Lunarpages, but I do know that based on some of the reviews I’ve read, many people are very happy with their services. Their webhosting is pretty affordable as well. Right now their basic hosting plan is $6.95 per month and includes 350GB of disk space and 3500 GB of bandwidth. You’re also given a free domain name for the life of your account, plus $700 worth of CoffeeCup Software is included for free. You also have the option of 10 add-on domains so you can manage all of your domains under one single account.

I personally own my own servers so I can’t really use their services but if I were to ever downgrade and take my 6 domains to another host, I’d more than likely consider Lunarpages before many of the other high-space and bandwidth based hosts out there. For me the domain option isn’t a big deal, I handle all of my registrations under my own account. But the unlimited MySQL Databases, Unlimited Parked domains and Unlimited Email is really a great thing to have when it comes to hosting. Granted, most people are fine with just one address that houses everything but I’m content with my webhosting, design and personal based email accounts. Having the option of adding as many as I please, maybe even starting up a free Pop3 email service seems like a fairly cool idea in my book. Sure, each account would have to be manually created but down the road you could easily invest in an automatic script.

This particular setup would be great for the “Just starting out” webmasters, as well as any company that has numerous employees who need to have business based email addresses. Anyone can sign up for a free gmail account but having your name attached to your companies domain, even by email address, makes you feel as though you’re more involved with the company than just for phone support – you know?

Check them out.



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