LeadPile.com I’ve been looking into a few different Lead Management programs. During my search I came across LeadPile.com, which claims to be the worlds largest, centralized online exclusive lead marketplace. It’s a free signup for those interested in buying and selling exclusive real time delivered leads. You can choose from numerous different categories. They include Advertising, Arts and Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Commerce, Construction and Contractors, Education, Finance, Health and Medicine, Home, Insurance, IT, Law, Marketing, Media and Communication, Real Estate, Recreation and Leisure, Travel and Vacation as well as Web Services.

Now, naturally I looked into Web Services and IT because that’s the field I’m in. The sub categories included everything from Web Design to Web Hosting. I actually found this site to be really easy to use, on top of the fact that it’s filled with many different projects for me to potentially get my hands on. Most people don’t realise the importance of leads when it comes to running a business. Sometimes it’s hard for someone to get all of their projects completed so they sell them off to other designers. This is how a lot of people can manage to take on a constant flow of work. You’re given a new client, you get the ability to outsource yourself in numerous places and you can still bring in a constant work flow, even when direct hits to your business have gone down.

It’s worth checking out, and doesn’t cost very much at all when you do actually buy the lead.


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