Kicking myself

I woke up kind of early today but that’s based on the fact that it’s extra warm in the bedroom and sleeping longer would just mean a whole truck load of discomfort.  The other day I decided that it was time to take the A.C. out of the window, this was based on the fact that things have cooled off quite a bit up to that point and having an A.C. in the only window in the room really wasn’t worth it.  It never worked at night considering it got down to the mid 40’s on a few occasions and the first few nights of having it in there it was really cool in the evening so sleeping at night was just as comfortable as the A.C. so what’s the point?

I’m now kicking myself for this.  The weather has changed and now it’s pushing 80°.  It’s only supposed to get more humid over the course of the next few days but we’re positive that on Friday the A.C. will be on in the house and that will get us through our last night here before we head up to New York this weekend.  I also intend to keep it on very low for when we leave so that the house is nice and cool when we get back on Tuesday.

It’s starting to drizzle outside, nothing major going on.  A tornado touched down in Florida this morning and there are warnings up the wazoo for other ones heading in that direction.  I was expecting some kind of a thunderstorm here but I’m sure that will surface itself later on anyway, who knows.  Either way I’ve got the windows open in hopes to catch a cool breeze and the fan is on full blast because of all of the heat coming off of my laptop at the moment.  I’d hate for this thing to OVER HEAT, so keeping the house cool is just as important to me.


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