#include [beer.h]

The girl in me is giddy over the fact that I’ll be decorating an entire home, the geek in me has been floating around thinkgeek.com in hopes to find some really cool gadget or gizmo that I can have floating around the house to either annoy the crap out of Sean or bother the dog to no end. I don’t believe in torture, but you have to admit that having some little robotic thing floating around the room at any given time is pretty amusing, especially when you’re dealing with a dog that’s scared of a leaf falling off a tree – you know?

I’m unsure of which one I’m interested in getting though. I do know that I’ve grown an interest in the #include <beer.h> glasses. they hold 12 ounces, which is a standard beer mug. I just know that it’d be cool to have some interesting geek things around the house to confuse some people. Sean and I are the programmers in the house, but his brother is the least computer savvy person in the world, so I’m sure he’ll crack a smile in appreciation but will have no idea why there are any extra characters floating around on the products heh.

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