I (think) I can handle it…

While I know that I’ll be moving soon, part of me (deep down) wonders if I’ll be able to handle it.  I’ve moved before, so this really isn’t a big deal to me but up until this point I’ve lived under someone elses roof.  I’m now moving into something that’s entirely my own and I wonder how I’m going to take it.

My real issue is the fact that I’m going to have a few thousand dollars and want to spend it on things that I’m not sure I really need.  Yes, I’m going to need to furnish the place and stock up the kitchen with pots, pans, dinnerware, flatware, some bakeware and definitely a coffee pot.  But I’m more concerned about how I’m going to react walking into Best Buy and fighting myself from purchasing an oh-so-lovely 42″ HDLCD TV.

Lord help me.


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