Home Improvements

I may be doing a little too much planning ahead on this home ownership deal but is it really so wrong that I’d like to have everything I’m looking for in a home? I do have to live there, so it’s not like I’m going to live someplace that I absolutely hate, you know? So I’ve been poking around the Internet for a few design ideas, everything from furniture to garage conversions and windows for that matter.  I came across Anglian Homes, which seems like a great resource for all Home improvements, so I floated around a little.  The company is based in the UK and they basically cover everything.  They’ve been around since the 1960’s and based on some of the pictures I’ve seen on their site they do some GORGEOUS work.  I’d die to get a home makeover from them over here in the states, but that’s just wishful thinking I guess heh.  Being the outdoorsy person that I am, the Conservatories really caught my eye, they’re so elegant and spacious.  Based on the house I’m purchasing they’d probably be larger then my bedroom, but I wouldn’t mind building an extension onto the bedroom if it housed a Conservatory, that’s for sure!


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