Going Bald

For thousands of years, men and women alike have been suffering from Hair Loss. It could be genetic, it could be stress related, or its just the environment in general but it’s something that everyone has had to deal with at some point in time. For me, while there is no consistent hair loss in other members of my family there is thinning, which I’m already experiencing it. For a while I was convinced that it’s the wrong shampoo mixed with hard water, but it turns out that my mother and grandmother have been thinning out since they were both in their twenties. My grandfather, (mothers side) however, has had a prominent head of hair for as long as I can remember. So hopefully the genes will balance each other out and I’ll get lucky.

In the chance that I don’t, I know that there are numerous resources out there that I can use to educate myself on the problem. I was looking around hairlossspecialists.com, it’s a newer resource that I found recently and it gives me a lot of information in regards to hair loss treatment, including hair transplant surgery if I ever get to that point in my life where buying a wig just isn’t worth it to me. For years I’ve seen women with thinning hair invest in head wraps and hats just to hide the fact that they were going bald. It’s good to see that there’s now a way of getting around it with plenty of medical help on the back end.


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