I’ve been doing some flipping through this months issue of Laptop Mag and I came across an article called “How to Manage Your To-Do List Digitally”.  I’ve always been a fan of post-it notes but that’s based on the fact that I’m an organizational freak.

The one that stood out the most for me is the Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar.  It’s $109 at Staples.

Their review is as follows:

What We Like – We love that Outlook 2007  displays your to-do list and upcoming events alongside your mailbox, an ingenious consideration for people likely to receive invitations and assignments via e-mail.  Users can also enter tasks directly into the to-do list.  And unlike any widget we’ve seen, the To-Do bar automatically prioritizes tasks due by date, creating seperate lists for assignments due in a week and those with more distant deadlines.  Still feeling overwhelmed? You can search your to-do list and even apply a filter.

What We Don’t – When you click on a flag in this version of Outlook, the corresponding task disappears from your to-do list.  To color-code a project according to importance, you must instead click on a smaller, less obvious box.  We wish that the program organized upcoming events as well as it does assignments, and separated the day’s appointments from the month’s.


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