External Hard Drives

If it weren’t for my external hard drive, I probably wouldn’t be as organized as I am.  Having the ability to access the drive from both my desktop and my laptop has proven to be nothing short of wonderful for me.  My problem – however – is the fact that I have to keep my desktop on even when I’m using my laptop.  This to me seems like a complete and total waste of the electric bill.  I barely use my desktop but it’s constantly running because I’m on my laptop all of the time and I need to access my files on a regular basis, including my email.

It took me a while to realize that this was possible, but with the constant change in technology I figured something like this would be around.  I Googled “External Hard Drive Networks” and came across LaCie.  They offer everything from server setups to basic networked external hard drives.  It wirelessly connects to your router and can be used across as many different computers as you please, without having to boot a second computer just to activate the drive.  This would really help out Sean and I when we get our house setup because for a 500GB drive we can store everything from music to movies and be able to access them through many wireless points throughout the house.  I think I’m going to wind up making this purchase in the very near future.


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