Electronic Recycling Center

Every day, another computer bites the dust. While that may sound pretty harsh to say, it’s also not very far from the truth either. I know many people who are using computers that are over 5 years old and while to many that seems like nothing – in the computer world with all of the upgrades to components, keeping up to date with these components is the only way to maintain the ‘perfect computer’. Both Mac and Windows based PC’s are easily outdated after just a few months but that’s why technology is as cool as it is. The next person in line is always making something better, faster, sleeker, whatever your preference – It’s going to be out sometime within the next six months.

Many people hold onto their computers for as long as they can. In most cases I don’t blame them considering the average computer user doesn’t do anywhere near what I do on a regular basis when it comes to their desktops. For many people, just surfing through websites, checking email, and chatting online is really the only option when it comes to computers. This is how they can get away with having the same computer for a few years without any major concern. For me, personally, as someone who runs design programs on a regular basis, on top of running my own personal server off the desktop so that I can test PHP/MySQL functions, after some time it begins to take it’s toll on my computer.

For quite some time, when it was time for an upgrade I would just replace the components. After a few years, however, the case began to get a little damaged, the mother board and power supply also needed replacement so I decided to scrap the old computer completely and then transfer my file-based hard drive over to my new computer. So I went and bought a brand new system with no operating system and went from there. I installed Windows, and put my original hard drive in as a secondary drive where I store all of my important files as an external hard drive, this helps me out because I can use it as a networked drive for my laptop.

I’m someone who believes in recycling. I separate everything, so when I had an extra bulky computer laying around lifeless – I knew something had to be done about it. I went surfing around the Internet and came across a few Computer Recycling Center resources, unfortunately nothing was available in my area. This upset me because I think there should be a Electronics Recycling Center in every state. I personally think every county should have one but it also breaks down to any recycling center in general should have this kind of an option. The amount of lead and other hazardous materials in electronics building up in a landfill could be deadly, especially since most of these centers are on the water, is enough to make anyone cringe. Not many people think about this, but I always have. I was raised to properly recycle, maybe because I put some kind of respect into my environment. Cans, bottles, aluminum, paper, anything that can be recycled IS. So knowing that my local recycling center didn’t take the computer to a designated area and it was just thrown into the land fill, almost made me dive in after it but I bit my tongue and walked away.

There’s a resource named Creative Recycling, it’s a company that recycles computers and other electronic equipment. If I would have found out about them sooner, I probably could have sent my computer off to them so they could do something – green – with it.


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